Winter 2021 Zoom Tutoring

Sunday - Thursday

5:00pm-7:00pm PT

CS Tutoring Services

Cal Poly's Computer Science Department offers tutoring, free of charge, for all students taking CSC courses. We offer help at all scheduled times primarily for students in CSC/CPE 101, 202, 203, and 225. We can also help with basic C concepts and systems concepts, but we will not help with 357 projects or assignments. Depending on the tutors on duty, we may also offer help on certain evenings for other CSC courses, including 123, 234, and 349. If you need help outside of class and your professor's office hours, the tutoring service is for you. We focus on near-peer tutoring which means that the tutoring center is run by students for students. We focus on providing computer science and debugging help in a safe environment and work with our faculty advisors to make sure that our help is quality, up-to-date, and as accessible as possible.

Online Tutoring

Cal Poly is completely online which means that the tutoring center will be transitioning online as well. Please be patient with us as our methods may change throughout the quarter as we determine what works best for our students. The tutoring center will offer tutoring though Zoom. You can find more information in the "Get Help" section under the 1-on-1 Tutoring tab on the website.

What We Will Do

We'll help you figure out course material that you're having trouble understanding on your own. This material may include:

  • Basics of programming in Python, Java, or C
  • Debugging techniques and independent problem solving
  • Data structures
  • Unix shell commands
  • Text editor operation
Our goal is to provide help that enables you to solve future problems on your own.

What We Won't Do

We won't do your assignments for you, help you through an entire project, or do generalized code reviews. We will give you explanations of concepts and guidance on how to proceed with your assignments and any bugs you run into.

Want to be a Tutor?

If you've passed CSC 357 (or are currently enrolled, or have equivalent experience) and want to be a tutor, email James Asbury at or Madeline Feigles at Tell us about yourself and we'll schedule an interview!